Kevin Miiller

Management Coach & Consultant
Master of Business Administration
-University of North Dakota
Professional Engineer (2008-present)
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
-University of Nebraska

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Motivational speakers can help employees feel valued, encouraged, and inspired.
Some of our specialty topics include Eating the Elephant

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Drawing the best ideas out of yourself and others

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Successful Business Habits

Maintaining Focus

Team Building To Win

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Effective Goal Setting

New Idea Generation

Sales Efficiency Tactics

Running Productive Meetings

Analytical Forecasting Methods

Annual P&L Planning Process

Recovering Motivation and Drive

Succession Planning




Routine Success Processes

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Multilevel Goal Setting

Value Add Generator

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As Needed Winning Processes

Increasing Employee Engagement

Eliminating Problems

Idea Generation

By combining Workplace Culture, Proven Processes and Unique Tools to transform your company into a winning machine




"This may sound cliché, but at the end of the day it's always about making a better life for those I serve. When I see their frustration turn into a big smile, when I hear that they are looking forward to the latest sales report, when I get a phone call that team morale has gone from the toilet to now they enjoy going to work? People winning in life. That is winning and that truly motivates me."


In management, success is not based solely on what we do, but how well we work together to help and motivate our teams. Business is truly a team sport, where only the great teams win. As a boss of mine once said, "If they don't like the idea, they will find a way to make it fail, Without buy in, they will even find a way to break the new broom that you gave them."

At an early age I was motivated almost entirely by winning. In fact, my teachers could get me to do just about anything by making it a competition. That is exactly how they got me to start reading.


I begin to notice that winners always seemed to win. Winning led to more winning. Why? Because the mindset of a champion is embedded in everything they do. I started developing that mindset through athletics as I experienced success. All-region football, all-state cross country, first team all-state basketball, multiple state track championships, winning Division I All-American status in the steeplechase, then going on to qualify for the USA Olympic Trials. Through all the blood, sweat and pain I learned a lot about life and about winning.

My fascination with winning carried into my career, and I was placed in management directly out of college. There were many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get my teams not only profitable, but successful. In those moments of pressure, I began to develop additional systems and processes that would guarantee our success, I was being transformed one painful step at a time. 

One of the keys to my success was finding mentors who were winning in areas where I wasn't strong. Taking their experience, knowledge and wisdom to heart and combining it into the systems that I use today has given me something I feel can really make a difference for people. I was truly blessed to have these amazing bosses take the time to teach, train and coach me with their winning formulas and mindsets. Many of them worked in companies that won (largest or #1 in market share) at the state, North American and even at a global level.


You were meant to succeed in every area of your life. Your relationships, hobbies, coaching, faith and family are all important, and all will benefit from the processes I have discovered. In business I used these same steps and process to more than double the size of my territory (sales) or office staff (management) in less then 5 years, This happened 3 different times in different companies, roles, products and industries.  It also resulted in increased sales ~60% in 3 years with a dramatic increase in EBITDA as a general manager. I want that for you, too. I KNOW I can help you succeed because this process works!


If you are a new or seasoned leader who feels stuck due to a problem or you have goals that aren't being met, I would be honored to help. Whether you want to complete one of the steps or complete the entire success process, send me a message. Many have been shocked to see what one meeting can accomplish. 

If you're serious about winning, I look forward to talking to you soon!


Account Manager, Certified Power Inc

Recognizing Kevin communication gift, I’ve reached out to him when addressing sensitive customer relations.  Kevin talked with me about the situation and ask specific questions to understand the nature of the issue.  Then he coached me though the situation and recommend thoughtful, yet thought-provoking language to address the topic. Kevin’s coaching continues to play in my head when speaking with customers in difficult situations.

My relationship with my customers has greatly improved because of what I have learned from Kevin! With Kevin’s communication skills, I believe he could change the world!!


CPS Director of OEM Sales, Certified Power Inc


Kevin’s experience throughout his professional career shows through in everything he does. He can visualize trends, analyze data that he researched or obtained through thoughtful and respectful questioning. He listens to everyone involved to exceed the customers and business needs.

I have seen his team approach solve what seemed to be insurmountable challenges in a short period of time while documenting the process and corrective action ensuring that improvements continue for years to come. He is a wonderful problem solver!

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