The Box Breaker

The next great breakthrough for your company might be right on the other side of a wall that your company built.

The Challenge

Our minds naturally resist change. Because most tasks at work are very systematic and logical, we spend the most time in that mode, which makes creative, out-of-the-box thinking difficult. In addition, most of us are risk adverse, so we would rather keep doing what we know than try something new.

Your team doesn't want to be vulnerable because their ideas are criticized on the spot for the smallest perceived fault. This common practice of shooting down all bad ideas so only the good idea remain standing is flawed and actually kills good ideas before they see the light of day.

The Solution

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. - Joseph Chilton Pearce


The Box Breaker process trains team members to make the switch to creativity. By changing the environment and routine, then separating people from their analytical tasks and participating in the process, the shift is made easy. 


Tapping into creativity helps companies to find the next big thing - the thing that moves your company from the warzone of selling commodities into the new frontier of additional value.

ITC uses proven methods to lead teams into the creativity zone, then orchestrate those thoughts into box-breaking ideas. It's remarkable to see creativity start to flow from one person, pulling everyone else into the creativity zone. Ideas build upon ideas, and negativity is NOT allowed.

Expected Results

That next new big idea can take your company into a place beyond selling based on price. Getting the next breakthrough idea or service out first will help you to gain market share, increase margins and bring a renewed sense of hope and optimism to your company.

With regular use of The Box Breaker, innovation rises and your company will begin to attract game changers. In other words, innovative companies attract innovators who want to be part of the change revolution, those who want to make a big difference.


Research Analyst/Geologist, KLJ Engineering


Kevin is very diligent and thorough when engaged in a project, and his tremendous organizational skills seem to address all aspects of the particular project. With his diverse background and skillset, he is able to synthesize seemingly disparate bits of information in ways that make it useful to solving the task at hand .


Engineering Manager Bismarck, Bobcat Company


Kevin was not only detail oriented but he could also see the big picture of how the machine we were working on fit into the capabilities, mission statement and objectives of the Company. He was also very entrepreneurial and was quick to see the business potential of various ideas.

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