Employee Engagement Engine

None of us is as smart as all of us.

Philip M. Condit, Boeing

The Challenge

If Frustration, Bitterness, Anger and Poor Work Ethic are growing among team members, the lack of employee engagement is often the main problem.

Sometimes team members struggle because

  • They feel that their voices are never heard, or that

  • The loudest voices are the ones who always get what they want

  • They are told to do things that they believe aren't best for the company 

To make matters worse, your competition is out to steal your sales, customers/clients and your job.

Knowledge is the fuel that drives corporate decisions. With inadequate communication, critical information may be missed. This common error results in poor decisions unless the correct teams are assembled and unified, effectively working together in an emotionally safe environment so the company benefits from the best ideas.

The Solution

You already have the solution: Your people.

Chances are that you have a lot of internal knowledge that is not being used effectively. This is low hanging fruit, and often all the solutions you need to fix a myriad of profitability problems and reach goals are right there in the minds of your team. Like a diamond mine, you have to know how to bring their amazing ideas to light.


The ITC Employee Engagement Engine doesn't just generate amazing ideas, it pays big dividends in morale, motivation, and ownership. With this process, you will:

  • Select the right team members 

  • Execute effective employee engagement sessions

  • Document and prioritize the results

  • Establish consensus

Creating buy-in through the organization by 

  1. Selling to your the team first 

  2. Incorporating processes to communicate to the company

  3. Empowering and allowing team members to sell the results to the organization

Expected Results

The Employee Engagement Engine is a repeatable process which allows you to harness knowledge, create unity and motivate your team. Not only does it capture the knowledge and wisdom of your team, but it exponentially increases the results. 


The experience that you already have within your organization can be mobilized to solve problems and reach goals

  • Teamwork increases overall knowledge, divides up the work and then multiplies the output.

  • Buy-in escalates as teams work through and agree upon solutions and direction

  • Employee engagement skyrockets as they are heard, respected and cared about

  • An added benefit is Identifying up-and-coming leaders or change agents for your company

This systematic process can be used with ITC's other success steps if the situation is large enough.

  • Efficiency - Solving your problems 

  • Efficiency - Making incremental improvements

  • Growth - Reach your new goals

  • Creativity - Generate the next great idea


Account Manager, Certified Power Inc.


I witnessed first hand Kevin’s gift. Kevin had the members of the group document the “issues” which they claimed were causing poor production, low moral and high frustrations.   The groups combined list covered the white board with sticky notes.  Kevin addressed each issue, one by one, probing, yet guiding the group with clarifying questions.  Within a few hours, the list was narrowed from several hundred complaints and concerns to a handful of targeted concerns which could easily be managed.  The entire group was beaming with the results.


Plant Manager, Samuel Pressure Vessel Group


Kevin is a true team builder and contributor. He has great abilities in areas of critical thinking, problem solving and development. 

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