Project Enhancement Cycle

Protect your investment!

Don't throw away what you just paid for.

The Challenge

​Have you ever led a team in completing a complex project, only to have the next team repeat the same mistake the following year?


We learn from the past, but many times post project meetings can easily slip into finger pointing and posturing that actually make things worse. Instead of focusing on the project, everyone is focusing on the mistakes of other, destroying team morale.

Winning happens more often when we take the time to capture, analyze and document what was learned on a completed project. Learning and improving with each project.

The Solution

Learning happens through projects, and that educational investment is maximized when we build on that knowledge next time. Teams must understand that excellence that is documented is much more easily repeated. 

Improvements can always be made. 

The Project Enhancement Cycle establishes a system which:

  • Rewards hard work

  • Capture knowledge

  • Creates a mechanism so that process improvements aren't missed the next time

Essential components:

  • Recognizing and rewarding team members to keep them motivated.

  • Management provides the environment needed to keep team members from feeling attacked and worrying about keeping their jobs.

  • It is essential that trust and respect are consistent throughout the improvement process.

Expected Results

Winning leads to more winning. Excitement and satisfaction from past victories creates corporate pride and expectations of excellence and success. In this culture staff act as a team, competing against corporate competitors instead of each other.

Increased work ethic is a natural outflow when contributors are recognized. This small reward can increase work ethic by 10%. Multiply this by 10 people, and you just picked up an additional full-time resource.

Improvement of processes, reaction time, project timelines and employee attitudes comes by valuing their input, rewarding the completion of a project, and capturing what was learned. It protects your investment and pays big dividends on future projects.


Service Communications & Publications Manager, Doosan Bobcat


Kevin’s strengths include communication and identifying all project stakeholders.  Kevin is very organized and thoroughly considers input from all stakeholders before taking action or making recommendations to leadership.  His non-confrontational consensus building leadership approach makes this possible. 


CPS Director of OEM Sales, Certified Power Inc.


I have seen his team approach solve what seemed to be insurmountable challenges in a short period of time while documenting the process and corrective action ensuring that improvements continue for years to come. 

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