The Obstacle Eliminator

Emotion addresses the symptoms,

but logical analysis solves the root cause of the problem.

The Challenge

Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face - Mike Tyson


Unsolved problems not only make companies inefficient, but also create a viral negative attitude throughout the organization. People tend to focus on the problems, which turns into complaining and finger pointing. When a company doesn't solve problems, motivation plummets because people think the company doesn't care.

You may not have the time, information, resources or training to solve all the problems. At first glance, it may seem too difficult to solve, too small for attention, or take too much time and money to fix.

The Solution

Expect the unexpected. You and your team WILL have obstacles - sometimes even major roadblocks. 


ITC has developed a systematic problem-solving process that has helped companies, schools, and even non-profits. It's customizable, and the best part is that we can train you to do it, too. By developing the right problem solving culture, using s systematic approach and selecting the right tool for the problem, the root cause is quickly exposed. 

To efficiently solve problems, the process and tool must fit the size of the problem 

  • Small, Medium, Large or  Overwhelming

At the Overwhelming problem level, if you just don't know where to start, we use a team approach using the Elephant Eater Tool.

Expected Results

Eliminating problems not only improves corporate efficiency but also raises morale and increases work ethic.

With The Obstacle Eliminator, you will be surprised how quickly negativity and hopelessness can turn into confidence and satisfaction as the culture of "we solve problems" takes root inside your company.

As you company switches from defensive to an offensive problem solving culture, time is not wasted on blaming and pointing fingers, but is spent actually solving problems and enjoying a smoother, easier work life.

When staff see that they can make a positive difference by fixing issues, communication becomes more positive and healthy. Ideas and improvement ideas start to multiply. 


Director of New Product Development,
IRENIC Solutions


Kevin is someone that can help you visualize the goal, and know you can trust them to get there with the company's best interest in mind. Simply turn him loose. What makes Kevin a great asset is that he is a relentless problem solver.


Materials Manager - Scott Industrial Systems, Inc



Together we worked to identify items contributing to a very disparate repair business model. Together we were able to focus inventory investment on critical items that were limiting sales growth. During this time we were able to increase sales by 40% with a 9% increase in inventory $. This could not have happened without Kevin’s perspective and ability to work cross functionally to achieve mutual results.

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