The Resource Multiplier

One of the greatest keys to success is simplicity

The Challenge

It is amazing how many times problem indicators pointed toward a need to hire more staff, but after the teams completed the Resource Multiplier process, they realized it wasn't the amount of staff, but the hidden time-wasters their team was dealing with.


People and time are two of the most valuable assets that your company has and many times we are wasting them. Like a hamster on a wheel, your team may be working really hard and keeping very busy, but not progressing the way they could. Many times, tasks include non-value add steps that hinder efficiency and add complexity. This keeps your team from maximizing their impact on the company's success.

The Solution

To win at the efficiency game, we must understand the value and purpose of each team member's tasks. 

To do this, we assess the following:

  • What is the goal of every team member's job? What do we want to accomplish with that position? 

  • Analyze tasks to determine what part of their work is:

    • High value add for the company

    • Value add

    • Neutral

    • Negative value add 

  • Determine how resources may be allocated within the organization to rid all negative value add efforts

  • Transfer neutral and negative value add tasks away from people who are doing high value add work

  • Build tools to automate non-value add tasks

  • Use follow-up process to assess effectiveness of modifications and tweak allocations

Keep an open mind. Just because a job has always been done a certain way does not mean it's best.

Expected Results

Efficiency is key to winning and is achieved by breaking each task down into its simplest, most practical, and value-adding steps. The Resource Multiplier can eliminate unnecessary tasks, streamlining your processes.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Recognizing and educating each member in the organization on the value that they bring.

  • Creating a company-wide, idea generating machine by questioning everything

  • Staff is validated, feels more important, respected and useful to the company because they understand their value


Excelling at the basics allows companies to do the complex things well


Boards & Commissions Manager,
Office of the Governor, North Dakota


Through his service Kevin has helped to design a system that our team utilizes when determining eligibility and viability of an Entrepreneur's idea. As a result the Center's resources are more responsibly allocated and there are definite points that an un-qualifying Entrepreneur can work to improve. The system helps to serve as guidelines for what it takes to get started. (testimonial references work completed for the ND IDEA Center)


Purchasing & Inventory Control,
Special T Manufacturing Corp


Thru strategic data analysis a pricing system was established that resulted in market share gains and significant growth. (testimonial references project with Gates Corp.)

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