Winning Roadmap Generator

The Path that you take determines how quickly you will succeed.

The Challenge

When your mind is filled with all the history of what has been tried before and failed, it's easy to overthink, get emotional and let indecision take the form of procrastination.

In your company, people may be working very hard, but on the wrong things, which actually drives your company in the wrong direction. You will never make all the right decisions, but that does not mean that you are a failure. It just means that your decision making process was flawed, usually due to missing information.


Your projects or problems may get delayed because people do not know where to begin. The project is just too big to know where to start.

Better decisions emerge when we take time to select and prioritize goals, resulting in the quickest path to success.

The Solution

GPS directions are easy to follow because the best path has already been plotted with considerations like traffic and speed. The Winning Roadmap Generator begins by breaking down the strategic plan or large problems into large tasks, just like an outline. The tasks are then placed in the correct order like a roadmap.


This process systematically determines the best path by: 

  • Pulling in the right team

  • Brainstorming desired goals (opportunities, problems, and projects)

  • Fully define and agreeing what they are

  • Prioritize the goals

  • Order the goals (timeline)

A roadmap is then generated, displaying the plan of attack based on set criteria. Teams understand concurrent and sequential tasks, maximizing efficiency and productivity by removing uncertainty.

Expected Results

Efficiency increases with a well-thought-out plan; confidence and trust in the company rises. Furthermore, diversions that arise are easily addressed as projects shift. The Winning Roadmap Generator breaks huge components into manageable pieces that your team can understand and wrap their minds around. This means people will be able to take a piece and run.  The certainty of the plan and witnessing how everything fits together will increase the level of confidence, easing tension and helping people get more done.

This simple, repeatable process and tools bring out the natural flow of a project. By planning for the best and anticipating diversions, your company can beat the competition by choosing the best path the first time.

  • Excitement and believe in your company and direction will increase

  • Improved attitudes

  • Improved work ethic


Anthony Tijerina

Director of Be The Gospel Ministries


Kevin Miiller is down to earth and professional.  He gives insights by practically breaking down processes to make it more palatable.  He doesn’t just identify the issues but also brings plausible solutions depending on the direction of your project or company.  It is always a huge pleasure to work with Kevin.


Strategic business Development Manager, GPM Inc.


Kevin's participation with upper management to develop market and product analysis led to successful personnel and company growth. Kevin has key analytic skills and his ability to understand our business, the customers needs and stage the sales process comes from his willingness to seek solutions with complexity.

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