The 3 Levels of Leadership Success
Empowers You To Establish A WINNING Culture
 ITCB Offers Consulting, Facilitation & Training Services For Each Level

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LEVEL 3 - Winning Using The 4 Key Process Areas

Do you run strategic planning like a general in wartime, an athletic coach going for the championship or are you so burned out that planning is just a check in the box at year's end? Taking the time to put together a championship level strategic plan, could easily be one of the best investments that your company can make.

Are you taking charge of your company's future success or just hoping it goes well? The Path you decide to take determines how quickly you will succeed.

Consulting, Facilitation & Training For

  • Strategic Planning                                   -   Picking Your Future Direction

  • Acquisitions & Mergers                          -   People & Process Side

  • Turnaround & Optimization                  -   Rapid Analysis & Action In Crisis Times

  • Winning Roadmap Generator               -   Planning The Best Path To Success

  • The Resource Multiplier                         -   Many Times The Most Efficient Wins

  • Project Enhancement Cycle                   -   Never Pay For A Mistake 2x

I can help you Develop These Skills, Create Your Custom Plan, or Hold Team Events



Executive Director - Idea Center


Through his service Kevin has helped to design a system that our team utilizes when determining eligibility and viability of an Entrepreneur's idea. As a result the Center's resources are more responsibly allocated and there are definite points that an un-qualifying Entrepreneur can work to improve. The system helps to serve as guidelines for what it takes to get started. (testimonial references work completed for the ND IDEA Center)



Purchasing & Inventory Control,
Special T Manufacturing Corp


Thru strategic data analysis a pricing system was established that resulted in market share gains and significant growth. (testimonial references project with Gates Corp.)

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LEVEL 2 - Unlocking The Power Of Your Team

None of us is as smart as all of us. - Philip M. Condit, Boeing

Gallup >82,000 teams, >1.8 million employees, 230 organizations, 49 industries

The difference between the top 25% versus the bottom 25% engagement -->

-81% absenteeism, -43% turnover -28% theft, -64% safety accidents, -41% defects,  +10% customer ratings, +20% sales, +14% productivity, +23% profitability, 

You Have A HUGE Untapped Resource Inside YOUR Company: Your People

We will Lead, Guide or Train you how to harness the genius of your teams.

Consulting, Facilitation & Training For

  • Employee Engagement Engine Sessions

    • Strategy, Planning, Creativity, Problem Solving, Prioritizing

  • Team Building   -   Developing All-Star Teams

  • Succession Planning  -  Preparing For Tomorrow, Next Year and The Future

  • Change Management Guide  -  Selling, Empowering, Evaluating


Employee Engagement Engine Facilitation Includes:

Planning, Team Selection, Meeting Facilitation, Instant Results, & Final Report​



Sales Manager, Midsota Manufacturing


I witnessed first hand Kevin’s gift. Kevin had the members of the group document the “issues” which they claimed were causing poor production, low moral and high frustrations.   The groups combined list covered the white board with sticky notes.  Kevin addressed each issue, one by one, probing, yet guiding the group with clarifying questions.  Within a few hours, the list was narrowed from several hundred complaints and concerns to a handful of targeted concerns which could easily be managed.  The entire group was beaming with the results.




Plant Manager, Samuel Pressure Vessel Group

Kevin is a true team builder and contributor. He has great abilities in areas of critical thinking, problem solving and development. 

LEVEL 1 - Developing Champion Leaders

Average players want to be left alone.

Good players want to be coached.

Great players want to be told the truth. - Doc Rivers

Only leaders and managers have the authority to make the decisions that will take a company to the next level of success. Everything starts with them!!

Consulting, Training & Coaching For

  • Mastering Your Success Potential  -  Helping You To Maximize Your Success

  • Leadership Consulting  -  Evaluating, Problem Solving, Solution Implementation

  • Manager & Leadership Training

    • New Manager Bootcamp  -  Covering The Basics To Get You Going

    • The 9 Pillars Of Leadership - Establishing The Foundation For A Winning Culture

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching   -   Pushing & Guiding You To The Next Level


Maximizing Your Natural Strengths & Developing or Supporting Your Weak Spots To WIN

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Research Analyst/Geologist, KLJ Engineering


Kevin is very diligent and thorough when engaged in a project, and his tremendous organizational skills seem to address all aspects of the particular project. With his diverse background and skillset, he is able to synthesize seemingly disparate bits of information in ways that make it useful to solving the task at hand.



Engineering Manager Bismarck, Bobcat Company


Kevin was not only detail oriented but he could also see the big picture of how the machine we were working on fit into the capabilities, mission statement and objectives of the Company. He was also very entrepreneurial and was quick to see the business potential of various ideas.

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TRAINING - Managers & Leaders

The best plan in the world is useless if no one is trained to carry them out.

The 9 Pillars Of Leadership

  • Developing Champion Leadership

  • Maximizing Your Success Potential

  • Leading Through Trust

  • Building An All-Star Team

  • Mastering Employee Engagement

  • Navigating Change Management

  • Creating A Winning Culture

  • Using The 4 Key Business Processes

  • Success Planning & Mentoring

An elite coach I knew would often say, "You've got to get your MIND right."

Manager Bootcamp

  • Bite sized trainings that help your managers to not just survive, but THRIVE

  • Many times people get thrown into the management fire with limited training and the mistakes that they make, can be very costly to our organizations long term success.

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Sales Manager, Manuli Hydraulics


Kevin’s talent, diligence, inventive resourcefulness, and sense of humor made working with him a wonderful experience. Many people, including myself, find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating.

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Mixing Area Manager - Toyo Tires


Kevin is a Professional Engineer with an MBA and it is apparent. He is well versed in both engineering and business and is a personable, dedicated and reliable professional.

If I were to own my own company, Kevin would be the first person I would call if I needed someone.

Nice quick summary of the 
3 Levels of Leadership Success​
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