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CEO - Certified Power, Inc

Beyond the realignment of the Basin organization, Kevin brought to CPI a considerable amount of business data analysis, guiding the team to better understand where improvement opportunities exist.  This analysis is being fully utilized to prioritize business improvement efforts.

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Jonathan MARTHA

President at Acco Material Handling Solutions

Kevin imbues a tremendous work ethic, balance of both strategic and tactical, initiative and leadership. While at Nutting, Kevin immediately jumped in and got involved. He took the initiative to drive process improvement, and won the affection and follower-ship of a high-performing and seasoned team with his strong work ethic, business acumen and cheerful personality. Kevin was a very fast learner, quickly understanding the key points of our business and immediately made strong recommendations for improvement.



VP Sales - Scott Industrial Systems, Inc

I enjoyed working with Kevin Miiller as he was always professional and approached problem solving with hard data and effective decisions and recommendations.  Kevin is a reliable, diligent asset to any organization and understands both the top line and bottom line of any organization.

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Managing Director - Yellowstone Property Consultants

Kevin has a unique combination of engineering and business skills. Together these enable him to recognize and then capitalize on ideas. He pays attention and listens, contributing when he has thought through the problem and arrived at a solution.

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Zachary PELHAM

Attorney - Pearce Durick

Kevin assisted me as an engineering expert in a case involving a failed product. He performed numerous testing protocols on the product. He assisted me in developing the case theory that ultimately led to a favorable resolution of the matter.

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Golf Equipment Professional - Weitzel Golf LLC

Kevin’s strength is rooted in a “hands on” approach to engineering, manufacturing and quality concerns. He was able to completely understand issues that arose and address those through his engineering background. Kevin also had a talent of looking at the application requirements and providing innovative suggestions for product development. He is not flashy, but he is reliable and does what he says he will do. He deals well with all levels.

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Design Engineer - Doosan Bobcat

Occasionally he would have to prepare presentations for upper management to show the project progress.  At those times he demonstrated an ability to clearly summarize the situation to someone not deeply involved in the project while knowing how much detail was needed and how much would be excessive, an ability I’ve since tried to emulate.

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Sales Associate - Spencer Fluid Power

Kevin has communication skills and a work ethic, second to none.  Kevin's attention to detail and communication skills are a great asset to any type of work that he would be involved in. 

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Jireh-Seed Ministries

I highly recommend Kevin as a man of integrity, knowledge and delivery.



Global Engineering Records & Standards Manager - Bobcat Company

I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who has tough problems and needs serious solutions. He has proven in many ways that he is capable, able to solve the larger problems and deliver a good product in a timely manner. 



Director Product Safety - Bobcat Company

Kevin was very organized, efficient and also met the unique challenge of addressing the language and cultural differences when working with overseas companies and their engineers.

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