Have you wondered why certain parts of the process are easy for you, while some remain challenging?

Your natural leadership style is highly successful in some stages of projects, with certain types of employees. But your teams have many levels of knowledge and experience, and you need to maximize your effectiveness through each phase of a process, even those that are not in your natural strengths. 

To be successful as a leader, you need to ADAPT your leadership style to help your teams excel through each step in the process.

Your involvement changes based on the magnitude of the project, along with the experience level and attitude of your team.

What is your natural Leadership and management style?

Leadership and management are FAR MORE complicated than the simple list below, but when you know your strengths, it becomes clear why certain parts of your projects are easier and more successful than others.


You can learn to ADAPT your style to begin to excel in all areas.


There are thousands of books about leadership on the market, but knowing how to be the management your team needs when they need it will maximize your success in all areas you touch.

One power of the success process is in forcing leaders out of their natural strengths to win more in all project levels.


Driven by Goals




Sees future potential and loves winning

Sets goals and is willing to take risks

With persistence, pushes the organization to a higher level

Driven by Solving Problems




Focuses on current and past problems and fixes them

Analyzes data, uses numbers, thinks logically

Uses efficiency tactics to increase speed of the organization

Driven by People




Focuses on issues that hurt morale and addresses them

Cares, builds loyal teams, establishes trust

Increases team work ethic through kindness

Driven by Selling



Gains Buy-In

Uses salesmanship to gain team buy-in and motivation 

Communicates, encourages, motivates

Convinces the organization to fully embrace the goal



What are the keys to adapting your leadership style to individual and team dynamics and project phases? 


Understanding the factors involved and your influence in each.

It begins with assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your team (and individual members) regarding their:

  • Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Time, support and tools                

  • Willing attitude, open to change  

  • Believe that they are capable       

  • Outside work distractions             

Coming soon: "How to Adapt Your Leadership Style to Build Winning Teams"



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