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Innovative Tactical Consulting for Business Leaders

It's A Great Day To Win, Let's Win Together

The GREATEST STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE any organization can have is its workplace culture.

Your culture should attract the best, retain your teams, and align the focus. Even more importantly, culture  can be the primary motivational engine of your organization. This doesn't happen by accident, but is created by strategic leaders, trusted managers and teams that buy-into the mission.

Taking a business to the next level is not a simple process that can be accomplished by reading books or applying some new jargon. It takes a guide who has been there before., someone who instinctively and experientially knows how to solve problems. It takes someone gifted in designing and implementing customized winning solutions.


Our team knows how to win because we have worked for and with companies who are at the top of their industry. In doing so, we not only know what works, but understand the why behind what makes companies great. This experience is what separates us from the average consultant and gives our clients success after success. We bring success to organizations because we've been there. It's never about theory.

A champion mindset lives inside people who competed in athletics at an elite level, and we've taken that mindset into the business world. We are obsessed with being the best, bringing winning mindsets, successful leaders and teams, and game-changing solutions to every business we work with. Head knowledge alone does not lead to high levels of success. It's the proven and practical implementation of simple systematic processes.  

Companies succeed or fail based on their people. It is vital to merge strategy, soft skills, understanding and processes to maximize the potential of every person in your organization. World-class organizations know that to stay at the top, they must not only manage assets and processes, but they motivate, empower and grow their people.  Truly great leaders create amazing managers and phenomenal leaders.

What our clients are saying


Dr. Ed Ray

“I have never been more pleased with the thoroughness and speed with which ITCB Business Consulting has provided me and colleagues with a work product and I know of no other instance in my over 40 years of leadership in major universities where a consultant’s report had such a profound impact on the effectiveness of an organization moving forward. I served as a department chair for 16 years, worked in the provost’s office for 11 years, including 6 as executive vice president and provost at Ohio State University and 17 years as president of Oregon State University. Clearly, I have worked with many consultants.

– Dr. Edward “Ed” Ray NC-SARA Board Chair


Burgum Appoints Kevin Miiller To The Economic Development Foundation

"The Economic Development Foundation is a private sector advisory group charged by the North Dakota Legislature to advise the governor and Commerce on strategies to improve the state’s competitiveness and economic growth.

Members of the foundation consist of business leaders from across the state who establish updates on the state’s economic development strategic plan. The foundation meets quarterly to monitor progress toward economic development goals, discuss major business and economic issues, and to offer suggestions for improving North Dakota’s business climate."

Governor Doug Burgum
with ITCB's Kevin Miiller

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Leadership & Management

"This book made me think differently about leadership as a business owner. With these concepts, I have changed some of my processes and it has resulted in better meetings, better project management, and happier teams."

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