We are BUSINESS CONSULTANTS who come alongside your leaders to remove the barriers unlocking Extraordinary Spectacular Success through:

» Strategic Planning & Key Process Alignment
» Enhanced Employee Engagement & Change Buy-In
» Creating Champion Leaders & Building All-Star Teams
» Management Consulting & Leadership Training

These areas create Your Greatest Competitive Advantage
in business, which is a WINNING Workplace Culture.
A winning culture will
increase your profits while
attracting and retaining
great employees.

We Analyze the situation, Extract the genius of your team and Provide practical solutions. 

You're overworked and every day is spent fighting fires, which causes you not to make the progress that you want. Your goal always seems just out of reach.

At times, we all need a trusted advisor who has been there before and brings a unique outside perspective to our situation. We are your business fix-it experts who can pull you out of the ditch you're in and get you to the next level as quickly as possible.

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Stephanie BLAKE

Owner - Social Sparrow

Kevin is a powerhouse and was an incredible resource for our team as we worked to increase revenue, develop plans for growth and think through long term logistics.

I highly recommend working with Kevin!

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Director of New Product Development,
IRENIC Solutions

Kevin is someone that can help you visualize the goal, and know you can trust them to get there with the company's best interest in mind. Simply turn him loose. What makes Kevin a great asset is that he is a relentless problem solver.

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ITCB Is Different.
We'll Work Hard To Make You Successful, Because We Are
Addicted To

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ITCB Consulting offers a unique all-in-one solution to help businesses solve problems, integrate solutions and establish a winning culture that automates success and gets your leaders to the next level. 

We do this through:

» Practical, bit sized, prioritized, doable solutions that minimize cost
» Training to gain buy-in, build morale, increase efficiency, understanding and trust
» Synergistic systems between teams that foster respect and support
» Systems that maintain forward momentum and keep a winning culture alive

Our goal is to help you reach the pinnacle of your success potential without wasted motion or time to become the best company you can be in the shortest time possible.



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"Kevin Miiller has an amazing ability to devise structures, to see things in ways that normally aren't seen, to see the future and the possibility.

One of the areas that I have experienced with Kevin is his ability to diffuse highly charged emotional situations and produce cohesive team building is something that he is very good at."

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Biz Fixer

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Business Consulting



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ITCB Strategic

Planning Process

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Mergers &


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Leadership & Manager Training

9 Pillars Of Leadership

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Director of OEM Sales, CPS

Kevin’s experience throughout his professional career shows through in everything he does. He can visualize trends, analyze data that he researched or obtained through thoughtful and respectful questioning. He listens to everyone involved to exceed the customers and business needs.

I have seen his team approach solve what seemed to be insurmountable challenges in a short period of time while documenting the process and corrective action ensuring that improvements continue for years to come.

He is a wonderful problem solver!



Business Development, Certified Power

Recognizing Kevin communication gift, I’ve reached out to him when addressing sensitive customer relations.  Kevin talked with me about the situation and ask specific questions to understand the nature of the issue.  Then he coached me though the situation and recommend thoughtful, yet thought-provoking language to address the topic. Kevin’s coaching continues to play in my head when speaking with customers in difficult situations.

My relationship with my customers has greatly improved because of what I have learned from Kevin! With Kevin’s communication skills, I believe he could change the world!!

Successful Companies PRIORITIZE Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement & Process Improvements.
This fosters a culture that perpetuates success on autopilot

Most people see the solution to their problems as more money, more people, or more time, but that's not always true. Let me show you a better way.

ITCB Resources

Ask about our training programs: 

» The 9 Pillars of Leadership

» Manager Bootcamp

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Finding Ways to Win:
Mastering the Success Potential Formula


A Letter from Kevin

To the frustrated, overworked, stressed-out manager who wants to enjoy life again:


I hear you, and I've been there.

First, I want you to know that you're not alone, and there's life on the other side of whatever you're facing at work. I want to help you get there faster. I want you to have the tools to come out looking like a rock star no matter what business throws at you. 

The companies I work with have experienced tremendous successes, but more than that, people smile again and motivation returns. You and your employees likely have all the genius you need to solve your company's worst problems. All you are lacking are proven processes that GET RESULTS. 

Together we identify the *real* problem, find smart solutions, develop a winning plan and then tap into the fast knowledge, expertise and desire to win that exists inside your organization. 

I will help you to get your managers and leaders to the next level through simple, practical training, coaching and processes.

I hope to see you soon.

Jeff Moore.jpg


Materials Manager - Scott Industrial Systems, Inc

Together we worked to identify items contributing to a very disparate repair business model. Together we were able to focus inventory investment on critical items that were limiting sales growth. During this time we were able to increase sales by 40% with a 9% increase in inventory $. This could not have happened without Kevin’s perspective and ability to work cross functionally to achieve mutual results.


Everett BOWEN

Marketing Manager - Gates Corporation

Kevin has a drive to ensure his efforts and the efforts of the ones around him are focused on both the task at hand but also on the issues and concerns over the horizon. Forward thinking in terms of anticipating business and market trends has always been a strong point for Kevin and he brings this approach to his professional and personal life.



Let's Win Together


Anthony Tijerina

Director of Be The Gospel Ministries

Kevin Miiller is down to earth and professional.  He gives insights by practically breaking down processes to make it more palatable.  He doesn’t just identify the issues but also brings plausible solutions depending on the direction of your project or company.  It is always a huge pleasure to work with Kevin.

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Strategic Business Development Manager,
GPM Inc.

Kevin's participation with upper management to develop market and product analysis led to successful personnel & company growth. Kevin has key analytic skills and his ability to understand our business, the customers needs and stage the sales process comes from his willingness to seek solutions with complexity.