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Studies show that in today's world, trust is in a freefall throughout our culture.
This lack of trust impacts employee motivation, loyalty and buy-in, making leadership much more difficult. At the same time, trust challenges make good leaders even more vital. 

ITCB's number one priority is to earn and build trust not only with clients, but with their teams. In doing so, we are able to get accurate information, make the best recommendations, and generate buy-in throughout the process.

Our process honors the limited time of teams and leaders, taking into account each unique situation by remaining responsive and flexible. We do the heavy lifting for you, maximizing your results while minimizing your time investment.



Determining your Strategic Destination and the Roadmap to get there

Strategic planning is a bit like planning a trip. It's pointless to know where you're going if you don't know how you're going to get there. At ITCB, we divide strategic planning into the Strategic Destination and the Roadmap. This is exactly how we help organizations find their own winning formula, and it works time after time. 

Successful strategic planning doesn't result from leadership sitting in a room for a couple days doing a SWOT analysis. It is about gathering the right information from the correct people and systematically evaluating both qualitative and quantitative data. ITCB brings the "cream to the top" and data comes to life through understandable data visualization methods and weighted priority systems. 

ITCB can do the heavy lifting or guide you every step of the way; including the 360 x 360 VOC collection, data analysis, strategy selection, weighted priorities, resource study/allocation, and strategic implementation including the change management and buy-in plan.

See ITCB's Strategic Planning Brochure

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EVALUATIONS: 360 x 360

Eliminating Blind Spots While Determining & Perfecting Your Alignment

Every organization, department, owner, board, leader, manager and team has blind spots. These blind spots exist due to our skills, experiences, traditions and focus. The key is to know and understand where they are. This IS empowering, because the smaller the blind spots, the better decision you make.

Your organization's efficiency and effectiveness are based primarily on the vertical and horizontal alignment that exists across all levels both internally and externally. Lack of alignment is often a significant source of morale issues, extra work and burnout. Our evaluation process enables organizations to identify root causes of misalignment, then address those issues for a healthier, smoother operation.

Because your organization is powered by people, the best outcomes occur from a mixed methods approach (qualitative and quantitative).

Evaluation services include: Board, Organization, Department, Leader, Manager or

Project (Developmental, Impact, Ripple Effects Mapping, Summative)

See ITCB's Evaluation Services Brochure

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Leaders & Managers are Key to Unlocking Greater Levels of Success

Everyone knows that the fastest way to the top or the bottom is the quality of your leadership team. The impact of everything they do is magnified with a ripple effect throughout every aspect of the company.

Middle management has always been key, but in this new era of workforce shortages, incredible flexibility and increasing employee expectations, your managers play a much more significant role in your success or failure than ever before. Studies show that most managers are not innately talented in the 5 key areas needed to retain and motivate employees. The good news is that these skills can be learned.

In today's world, soft skills are more vital than ever. Leaders and managers can learn, practice, and successfully implement these vital skills. If you want to be the best, you need to attract, retain and motivate the best employees, and you cannot do that without high quality managers.

ITCB Consulting regularly interviews boards, presidents, leadership teams, middle managers and their team members. This gives ITCB a very unique perspective on training and what makes a successful leader.

See ITCB's Training Services Brochure

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It Is All About Knowledge, Buy-In, Motivation, & Change Management

Professional development is no longer just a fluffy side benefit, but rather an essential and powerful tool in your workforce strategy toolbox. Your go-getters crave continual growth, and it will be difficult to retain them if they feel they are stagnating.

Professional Development done right is far more impactful than taking personality tests and role-playing conflict resolution. Professional Development should be your "carpe diem" moment; it should make an intentional and strategic difference at all levels. At times an outside voice can connect the dots and jump-start the change that leadership has been fighting for.

Professional development should not only be powerful, inspirational, and uplifting, but it also needs to invoke change in a practical, logical way.  It's not about some fad from the latest business best seller, but it's rather about empowering corporate all-stars. Teaching proven, practical techniques to your powerful agents of change and culture will cause your organization to rise to the next level.

ITCB joins forces with organizations as they navigate the buy-in and change management process. Ready-made topics are available as well as designing customized professional development presentations which fit the precise organizational needs. 

See ITCB's Speaking Services Brochure

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We Are Really Good at Solving Messy, Complicated Problems

We've been nicknamed "The Biz Fixers" because we have a God-given gift for helping companies solve problems: really messy, complicated problems.

See Reviews
Every organization WILL experience a CRISIS at some point. Most leaders have faced problems which seem insurmountable and nothing they've tried has worked. The combination of people, processes, workplace culture, and resource allocations is an extremely complex matrix. To further complicate the situation, leaders and managers are working 50-60hrs/week trying to keep up with the day-to-day. Most leaders are too task saturated to fix another problem.
The #1 reason ITCB has been successful in uncovering and addressing workplace problems is due to our carefully designed processes that build trust. We know the impact of High/Low Thinking (strategy/process & details), the significance of workplace culture and the motivation/buy-in of your teams which enables us to get to the root cause(s) of the problem. Many times, it takes a trusted unbiased external mediator with the organization's best interests in mind to get to the “real facts.”
See ITCB's Biz Fixer Brochure



Guiding Technical or Diverse Groups through Consensus Building

"None of us is as smart as all of us." (Phil Condit CEO Boeing). This is one of our favorite business quotes and the key to ITCB's success. Our experience and processes allow us to combine the wisdom of a group into the best possible solution.

If you can't control the group, gain buy-in to the goal, or reach consensus, then you will never develop the culture, get to the root cause, break down silos, or motivate the team to implement action on the final decision. In fact, a poor facilitator will make the situation worse, because, as we all know, things get personal during high-stakes meetings.

Successful facilitation is a combination of experience, soft skills, processes, technical ability, adaptability, neutrality, and most importantly, TRUST that you are trying to do what is best for the organization and people involved. 

ITCB has been honored to provide facilitation services for a wide variety of organizations who are in the throes of change, experiencing out-of-control growth, or even on the brink of collapse. Anyone can facilitate a meeting, but only a few can join forces to help companies dynamically shift, getting the best results possible. 

See ITCB's Facilitation Brochure


ITCB TOOLBOX - Finding Ways To WIN

Proven Tools & Processes That Achieve Extraordinary Results


The EEE is a powerful tool that takes away the power of the dominator, empowers & equalizes input, builds trust, generates buy-in and unleashes creativity.


Our minds are not capable of generating properly prioritized lists when there are a large number of moving parts. Focus innately shifts to only a few factors and improperly assesses their importance. The Elephant Eater addresses this.

360° x 360° Mixed Methods Analysis

A winning strategic plan, accurate evaluations, and solving big problems all hinge on the data you collect and analytical technique that you use. World class organizations understand the importance of both facts and feelings from everyone involved inside and outside your company.  

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