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Studies show that in today's world, trust is in a freefall throughout our culture. This lack of trust impacts employee motivation, loyalty, and buy-in, making leadership much more difficult. 

ITCB's number one priority is to earn and build trust not only with clients, but with their teams. In doing so, we are able to get accurate information, make the best recommendations, and generate buy-in during the process. Our process honors the limited time of teams and leaders, taking into account each unique situation by remaining responsive and flexible. We do the heavy lifting for you, maximizing your results while minimizing your time investment.



Determining your Strategic Destination and the Roadmap to get there.

Strategic planning is a bit like planning a trip. It's pointless to know where you're going if you don't know how you're going to get there. At ITCB, we divide strategic planning into the Strategic Destination and the Roadmap. This is exactly how we help organizations find their own winning formula, and it works time after time. 

Successful strategic planning doesn't result from leadership sitting in a room for a couple days doing a SWOT analysis. It is about gathering the right information from the correct people and systematically evaluating both qualitative and quantitative data. ITCB brings the "cream to the top" and data comes to life through understandable data visualization methods and weighted priority systems. 

Traditional Strategic Planning & Add On Features: 360 x 360 Qualitative Analysis, Workforce Shortage, Winning Culture, Manager Development, Succession Planning, Acquisitions - for a true in-depth strategic planning process.


EVALUATIONS: 360 x 360

Eliminating Blind Spots While Determining & Perfecting Your Alignment

Every organization, board, leader, manager and person has blind spots. These blind spots exist due to our skills, experiences, traditions and focus. The key is to know and understand where they are. That's empowering.

Your organization's efficiency and effectiveness are based primarily on the vertical and horizontal alignment that exists across the business. Lack of alignment is often a significant source of morale issues, extra work and burnout. Just as a chiropractor or physical therapist work to balance and align the body, our evaluation process enables organizations to identify root causes of misalignment, then address those issues for a healthier, smoother operation.

Organizational, Division/Department, 5 Star Leadership or

Project/Program (Developmental, Impact, Ripple Effects Mapping, Summative)



Corporate Leadership is Key to Success

Everyone knows that the quickest way to the top or the bottom is the quality of your leadership team. The impact of everything they do is magnified with a ripple effect throughout the company. I have seen outstanding leaders with every basic personality profile but only one in 10 are innately gifted in the 5 areas required to be the best (Gallup). The good news is that these 5 areas can be learned and practiced.

Middle management has always been key, but in this new era of workforce shortage, incredible flexibility and increasing employee expectations, your managers play a much more significant role in success or failure than ever before. Poor management kills retention and motivation, and soft skills are more vital than ever.

Champion Leadership, Success Potential, Leading Through Trust, Building All-Star Teams, Increasing Employee Engagement, Change Management, Creating A Winning Culture, The 4 Key Processes, Succession/Mentoring Training, Sales, Management Bootcamp

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Winning Is All About Motivation, Change Management & Buy-In

With our faster pace and larger workload "new normal," we need strategies to attract, retain and motivate our teams. We are also facing a workforce crisis where competition is fierce to attract and steal our all-stars.

Professional development is no longer a fluffy side benefit, but rather an essential tool in your workforce strategy toolbox. Professional development must motivate and empower while teaching proven, practical techniques. ITCB believes in professional development that makes a big difference, making work lives better and allowing teams to do more with less. 

Professional development presentations is a great way to begin the buy-in and change management process for your organization. You announced the plan, now lets start showing, motivating and encouraging your team.


The Biz Fixer

We Are Really Good at Solving Messy, Complicated Problems

We've been nicknamed "The Biz Fixers" because we have a God-given gift for helping companies solve problems: really messy, complicated problems. Every leader has faced problems that seem insurmountable and nothing they've tried has worked. The combination of people, processes, workplace culture and organizational structure is an extremely complex matrix of inputs.

The number one reason ITCB has been successful in uncovering and addressing workplace problems is due to our carefully designed processes that build trust. We understand the impact of High/Low Thinking (strategy/details), the significance of workplace culture and the motivation/buy-in/trust of your teams which enables us to get to the root cause(s) of the problem. Many times it just takes a trusted unbiased mediator with the organization's best interests in mind.

Biz Fixer services always combine a unique blend of Company Culture, Strategic Planning, Business Processes, Bottleneck Analysis, Departmental Review, Mentoring, with Teams, Middle Management, and Leadership.



Proven Tools & Processes That Achieve Extraordinary Results


The EEE is a powerful tool that takes away the power of the dominator, empowers & equalizes input, builds trust and unleashes the creativity of the group. Besides generating weighted priorities to properly allocate resources, it also establishes and increases buy-in.


Our minds are not capable of generating properly prioritized lists when there are a large number of moving parts. Focus innately shifts to only a few factors and improperly assesses their importance. The Elephant Eater allows teams to tackle complex problems and get terrific results by breaking the "elephant" into manageable decisions, rolling up to the big one.