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About ITCB

Often, company leaders and managers are thrown into the fire without the proper training, mentoring, experience and time to learn to lead successfully. They do the best they can with the information and skills they have, but without a seasoned mentor, the "trial and error" process makes progress painfully slow.


Within every successful organization are strategic leaders, trustworthy managers and all-star teams. This winning workplace culture attracts the best, retains superstars and motivates their teams. This formula works for every type of company, industry and size.
The formula is simple, but the execution is difficult.

Our heart and passion are to help managers and leaders navigate the rapids of this modern-day work world. We understand the frustration, pressure, and hopelessness (e.g. crying in the shower!) that plague leaders who care. The ITCB team is comprised of gifted problem-solvers who genuinely care about making every leader's work-life better. 

We've been through the trials by fire; we've been refined and stress-tested. What we've learned along the way allows us to uncover problems and implement effective solutions quickly, no matter the industry. Our approach may be a little different then you are used to, but it is the secret sauce that allows us to consistently achieve exceptional results for your organization. 


Our mission is to develop world-class leaders and managers who develop a winning workplace culture to attract, retain and motivate their teams.


Our vision is to empower every organization to

reach higher levels of success through its leaders.


Always leave it better than you found it

Do what is best for the customer

Treat everyone with respect

Be responsive and flexible

Provide exceptional value

Do the heavy lifting for them

Solutions must be simple and practical

Gather feedback from every impacted area and level

Always act with honor, integrity, and honesty

Our Solutions

Simple and focused

Address the root cause

Unique to the customer

Communicate effectively

Based on 360 x 360 feedback

Increase employee engagement

Build trust through transparency

Use qualitative and quantitative data

Understand the people side of business

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