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We love the thrill of competition & play to WIN
In fact, you could say that we are addicted to it

Helping your business WIN is what motivates us

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Jireh-Seed Ministries


I highly recommend Kevin as a man of integrity, knowledge and delivery.

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Sales Associate - Spencer Fluid Power


Kevin has communication skills and a work ethic, second to none.  Kevin's attention to detail and communication skills are a great asset to any type of work that he would be involved in. 

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Kevin Miiller BSME, PE, MBA

Management Consultant, Employee Engagement Expert, Trainer
  • Championship Leadership Consultant & Trainer
  • Employee Engagement Engine - Facilitation & Training
  • Building All-Star Teams Consultant & Trainer
  • The 3 Levels of Leadership - Training & Coaching
  • Change Management Guide
  • Motivational Speaking
Winning is not just "the luck of the draw". Being lucky helps, but your chances of winning are DRAMATICALLY improved by implementing a PROVEN SUCCESSFUL process. The most important items is being dedicated enough to STICK WITH IT in the good times and the bad times. Never quit - change & adjust
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Golf Equipment Professional - Weitzel Golf LLC



Kevin’s strength is rooted in a “hands on” approach to engineering, manufacturing and quality concerns. He was able to completely understand issues that arose and address those through his engineering background. Kevin also had a talent of looking at the application requirements and providing innovative suggestions for product development. He is not flashy, but he is reliable and does what he says he will do. He deals well with all levels.



Service Communications & Publications Manager,
Doosan Bobcat


Kevin’s strengths include communication and identifying all project stakeholders.  Kevin is very organized and thoroughly considers input from all stakeholders before taking action or making recommendations to leadership.  His non-confrontational consensus building leadership approach makes this possible. 



Consulting, Facilitating and Training leaders to WIN by developing and maintaining a Winning Culture.

We come along side of you and help you to solve problems, pursue new ideas and establish high levels of employee engagement to take you company to the next level.


You have amazing talents, but you need to find and use them. Your team is a treasure chest just waiting for you to unlock all the untapped skills, knowledge and ideas inside. These two areas of focus will maximize your most important resources - people.

We provide the knowledge to help you Find Ways To Win

As we implement this knowledge it transforms our company

We move you from Finding to realizing It's A Great Day To Win



I am passionate about WINNING and that has driven me to learn everything that I can about how to win at everything that I do. I HATE losing. The initial learning how to win was in high school athletics where my senior year, I was North Dakota Male Athlete of the Year, All State Cross Country, All Region Football, First Team All State Basketball and won track state titles in the 800, 1600, 3200m never losing a race that year. In college I was D1 All-American in the 3000m Steeplechase and qualified for the Olympic trials, along with qualifying for nationals individually in cross country and indoor track on the 4x800m relay team, while being an Academic All-American.

I took this same passion and attitude into my work career where I attacked the situation with that same athletic mindset. I was blessed by having multiple business mentors who taught me about winning in the business world. I had the opportunity to work at several different companies where we experienced dramatic growth in the areas that I was responsible over. This growth occurred in very different roles, products and industries: engineering consulting, B2B sales to large global manufacturers, industrial sales to food processors/ethanol plants/power stations, and being the general manager for hydraulic service to mines/oil & gas customers. The process works in different industries. In these 4 jobs the average growth and time was >250% in 4 years.


I used these same proven processes in non-business areas as well. One year I helped to coach high school distance runners and we had the first 3 individuals in the schools history to become athletic state champions (boys CC, girls 800m, boys 1600m/3200m). This process even carries over to my hobbies to where in 3 years I went from a first time trap shooter to ending up as the 3rd highest score in the league and shot 125 straight. The same process is used for my faith and family where my son was a published author in high school and JV state champion in debate. My daughter scored so high on her ACT that all her tuition and fees are paid for. My two oldest both have placed 1st at state many times in science Olympiad. Success can be replicated.


My success came from seeking out people who win, learning from them and then doing what they say.

The process is straight forward, but it takes desire, dedication and humility to achieve that level of success.

As leaders we need to have the right people, train them, empower them to do their job and then trust them.

We must never be afraid to fail. We need to try new things and then adjust the plan as we go.


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Design Engineer - Doosan Bobcat


Occasionally he would have to prepare presentations for upper management to show the project progress.  At those times he demonstrated an ability to clearly summarize the situation to someone not deeply involved in the project while knowing how much detail was needed and how much would be excessive, an ability I’ve since tried to emulate.

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Zachary PELHAM

Attorney - Pearce Durick


Kevin assisted me as an engineering expert in a case involving a failed product. He performed numerous testing protocols on the product. He assisted me in developing the case theory that ultimately led to a favorable resolution of the matter.

Patrick HALLAN

Professional Engineer, Esquire (Attorney)



Kevin Miiller has consistently exhibited professional traits that would be invaluable to any organization. He is strategic, reliable, and self-motivated. For example, he led nearly a dozen projects at Bobcat to implement new global business opportunities in Eastern Europe and Asia. As my manager, he clearly communicated his expectations and provided on-going feedback to improve my performance and enhance my professional development. I observed first-hand Kevin’s organization and time management abilities when he simultaneously managed multiple projects while earning his MBA.


Global Engineering Records & Standards Manager
- Bobcat Company


I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who has tough problems and needs serious solutions. He has proven in many ways that he is capable, able to solve the larger problems and deliver a good product in a timely manner.