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What Others Have To Say


Todd Steinwand

"Kevin was chosen in 2021 as the consultant responsible for crafting our 3-year strategic plan for the time period of 2022-2024. Kevin was organized in his approach and excellent in gathering feedback. This was done in a manner that is different than we have had in the past by using a “bottom-up” approach. This included gathering feedback and concerns through focus groups of employees from all levels of the organization. Other areas of strength that Kevin brought to the process was his follow up after feedback was received and facilitating effective conversations with the strategic planning team as we developed our plan."

-Todd STEINWAND, President and CEO - Bank of North Dakota


Dr. Robert Anderson

They guided us through a very complex set of circumstances, including a board with divided opinions and frustrated external constituent groups, to a solution that that was ultimately unanimously approved by the board.

Trust, flexibility, and competence are the three traits that best describe what we were provided. I grew to fully trust that ITCB would always follow through in a timely manner with what was promised, and that Kevin would give me updates and sometimes hard truths allowing me to provide input and for us to pivot when needed. These pivots required their flexibility as the scope of work changed requiring ITCB to take on assignments they had not originally intended. They personified servant leaders in this context and always were willing to do what we deemed best for our organization.

- Robert ANDERSON, Vice Chair - Board of Directors NC-SARA

Jade Paulseth.jpg

"Kevin’s experience throughout his professional career shows through in everything he does. He can visualize trends, analyze data that he researched or obtained through thoughtful and respectful questioning. He listens to everyone involved to exceed the customers and business needs. I have seen his team approach solve what seemed to be insurmountable challenges in a short period of time while documenting the process and corrective action ensuring that improvements continue for years to come. He is a wonderful problem solver!"

- Jade PAULSETH, Director of OEM Sales - CPS

Jade Paulseth

Matt Freeman.jpg

"The framework (Five Star Leader) proved to be a useful tool for objectively assessing the WICHE president’s performance.  Ultimately, the 360 evaluation helped inform process of WICHE executive committee’s assessment of its president’s performance.
Kevin was always responsive to questions and suggestions, and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend ITCB for organizations seeking a high-quality and objective assessment of their leader."

- Matt FREEMAN, WICHE Chair 2022-23

Matt Freeman

Stephanie Blake.jpg

"Kevin is a powerhouse and was an incredible resource for our team as we worked to increase revenue, develop plans for growth and think through long term logistics. 

I highly recommend working with Kevin!"

- Stephanie BLAKE, Owner - Social Sparrow

Stephanie Blake

Bob Spurlock

Dwight Hinkel.jfif

"His understanding of business operations makes him a valuable asset to consult with or be employed by any organization. Over 45 years of practicing as an engineer, in multiple states, and on extremely varied projects, I have met and/or hired thousands of engineers. During this time there are a few engineers whose abilities are above the rest. Kevin's abilities are far above the rest."

- Dwight HINKEL, Founder & Chairman of the Board - Applied Engineering

Dwight Hinkel

Niles Hushka.jpg

"Kevin has a unique combination of engineering and business skills. Together these enable him to recognize and then capitalize on ideas. He pays attention and listens, contributing when he has thought through the problem and arrived at a solution."

- Niles HUSHKA, CEO - Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson

Niles Hushka

Tim Beres.jpg

"Beyond the realignment of the Basin organization, Kevin brought to CPI a considerable amount of business data analysis, guiding the team to better understand where improvement opportunities exist.  This analysis is being fully utilized to prioritize business improvement efforts."

- Tim BERES, CEO - Certified Power, Inc.

Tim Beres

Jonathan Martha.jpg

"Kevin imbues a tremendous work ethic, balance of both strategic and tactical, initiative and leadership. While at Nutting, Kevin immediately jumped in and got involved. He took the initiative to drive process improvement, and won the affection and follower-ship of a high-performing and seasoned team with his strong work ethic, business acumen and cheerful personality. Kevin was a very fast learner, quickly understanding the key points of our business and immediately made strong recommendations for improvement." 

- Jonathan MARTHA, President - ACCO Material Handling Solutions

Jonathan Martha


"The WICHE Commission, (the board to which I report) also hired Mr. Miiller to conduct my own external performance evaluation so I have experienced ITCB’s work from both perspectives. In all respects, the ITCB team was professional, competent, and thorough in their analyses."

- Demaree Michelau, President WICHE

Demi Michelau

Catherine Jones

Julie Kuennen.jpg

"Through his service Kevin has helped to design a system that our team utilizes when determining eligibility and viability of an Entrepreneur's idea. As a result the Center's resources are more responsibly allocated and there are definite points that an un-qualifying Entrepreneur can work to improve. The system helps to serve as guidelines for what it takes to get started."

- Julie KUENNEN, Executive Director - Idea Center

Julie Kuennen


"I enjoyed working with Kevin Miiller as he was always professional and approached problem solving with hard data and effective decisions and recommendations.  Kevin is a reliable, diligent asset to any organization and understands both the top line and bottom line of any organization."

- Kevin SMITH, President and GM of CPS Division of - Certified Power

Kevin Smith

John Henline.jpg

Kevin was not only detail oriented but he could also see the big picture of how the machine we were working on fit into the capabilities, mission statement and objectives of the Company. He was also very entrepreneurial and was quick to see the business potential of various ideas.

- John HENLINE, Engineering Manager Bismarck - Bobcat Company

John Henline

Corey Johnson.jpg

"Kevin is someone that can help you visualize the goal, and know you can trust them to get there with the company's best interest in mind. Simply turn him loose. What makes Kevin a great asset is that he is a relentless problem solver."

- Corey JOHNSON, Director of New Product Development - IRENIC Solutions

Corey Johnson


"Kevin has a drive to ensure his efforts and the efforts of the ones around him are focused on both the task at hand but also on the issues and concerns over the horizon. Forward thinking in terms of anticipating business and market trends has always been a strong point for Kevin and he brings this approach to his professional and personal life."

- Everett BOWEN, Marketing Manager - Gates Corporation

Everett Bowen

BTG AT.jpg

"Kevin Miiller is down to earth and professional.  He gives insights by practically breaking down processes to make it more palatable.  He doesn’t just identify the issues but also brings plausible solutions depending on the direction of your project or company.  It is always a huge pleasure to work with Kevin."

- Anthony Tijerina, Director - Be The Gospel Ministries

Anthony Tijerina

Chris Morgan.jpg

"Kevin's participation with upper management to develop market and product analysis led to successful personnel & company growth. Kevin has key analytic skills and his ability to understand our business, the customers needs and stage the sales process comes from his willingness to seek solutions with complexity."

- Chris MORGAN, Strategic Business Development Manager - GPM Inc.

Chris Morgan

Mark Luther.jpg

"Kevin is very diligent and thorough when engaged in a project, and his tremendous organizational skills seem to address all aspects of the particular project. With his diverse background and skillset, he is able to synthesize seemingly disparate bits of information in ways that make it useful to solving the task at hand."

- Mark LUTHER, Research Analyst/Geologist - KLJ Engineering

Mark Luther


"Kevin is a true team builder and contributor. He has great abilities in areas of critical thinking, problem solving and development."

- Shahram TOTONCHIAN, North American Manager Engineering - Gates Corporation

Shahram Totoncjian


"Kevin’s strengths include communication and identifying all project stakeholders.  Kevin is very organized and thoroughly considers input from all stakeholders before taking action or making recommendations to leadership.  His non-confrontational consensus building leadership approach makes this possible."

- Joe GRUMAN, Service Communications & Publications Manager - Doosan Bobcat

Joe Gruman

Zachary Pelham.jpg

"Kevin assisted me as an engineering expert in a case involving a failed product. He performed numerous testing protocols on the product. He assisted me in developing the case theory that ultimately led to a favorable resolution of the matter."

- Zachary PELHAM, Attorney - Pearce Durick

Zachary Pelham, J.D.

Jeff Moore.jpg

"Together we worked to identify items contributing to a very disparate repair business model. Together we were able to focus inventory investment on critical items that were limiting sales growth. During this time we were able to increase sales by 40% with a 9% increase in inventory $. This could not have happened without Kevin’s perspective and ability to work cross functionally to achieve mutual results."

- Jeff MOORE, Director of Operations - Certified Power Solutions

Jeff Moore

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