Competitive Strategic Planning

Great things are only accomplished by those who
choose to pursue them.

The Challenge

Strategic planning meetings are a regular part of business, but they often fall short of the transformational opportunities they can bring. Too many times it is something that is quickly completed to check the box or just ignored because everyone is too busy. Then when opportunity knocks, organizations miss it because they aren't ready.

Your company has the potential to becoming something greater than it is, and you need to determine

  • What that is and
  • Take the right actions to make it happen

The Solution

ITCB provides tactical, competitive strategic planning services and training. 

  • This is not a "checking the box" activity, but putting together strategies that win time and time again.

  • Not a canned one-size-fits-all process; it is tailored to your business, resources and situation.


We provide a semi-structured approach that begins with

  • Bringing the right knowledge into planning 

  • Determination of ROI and Risk

  • Corporate internal skill analysis

  • Analysis of competitors and their anticipated direction

  • Current marketplace trends

  • Government regulations and impact of upcoming elections

  • Future new (blue ocean) opportunities

  • Large internal problems

  • Finally, components are merged into documents suited for the key implementers to reference in getting the work done.

Expected Results

Competitive Strategic Planning sets the vision by focusing on proactive actions rather than reactive.

In a safe, positive environment, creativity and out-of-the-box ideas flow.

Strategically and competitively direct your company to balance the greatest reward with the known acceptable risk that you can or will take.

Create the feeling throughout your organization that your company is taking control, which results in

  • Improved job satisfaction and

  • Long-term employee retention.

Stephanie BLAKE

Owner - Social Sparrow


Kevin is a powerhouse and was an incredible resource for our team as we worked to increase revenue, develop plans for growth and think through long term logistics. I highly recommend working with Kevin!

Everett BOWEN

Marketing Manager - Gates Corporation


Kevin has a drive to ensure his efforts and the efforts of the ones around him are focused on both the task at hand but also on the issues and concerns over the horizon. Forward thinking in terms of anticipating business and market trends has always been a strong point for Kevin and he brings this approach to his professional and personal life.

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